The Collative goes behind-the-scenes with artists, designers, photographers, makers, storytellers, and creative business owners, to offer a glimpse of what it's like to go freelance in different creative fields.

This website is a space to discover and celebrate independent creatives, and the work they do. It's also a space to share openly about what the freelance life looks like day-to-day - not just the seemingly glamorous parts, but the struggles that come along with being your own boss too.

Through the stories on this site, I hope you'll find reassurance that there's no pre-defined path to success in business, and inspired by the creatives who are doing things on their own terms.

From time to time, I also create resources designed to support you on your journey of building a purposeful and profitable business. 

About me

My name’s Steph Welstead and I’m a business journalist and editor, specialising in entrepreneurship. After experiencing the world of freelancing from both sides of the table (as a freelance writer trying to earn my keep, and an editor working with independent creatives), I set up The Collative in April 2013 to create a space to share tips, resources and inspiration for freelancers in the creative industries. 

Over the past 11 years I’ve worked as a writer and editor for a number of publications and organisations, including Growing Business magazine,, and Nesta. 

Please note, I don’t publish guest posts on The Collative.