About The Collative

The Collative goes behind-the-scenes with artists, designers, photographers, makers, storytellers, and creative business owners, to offer a glimpse of what it's like to go freelance in different creative fields.

This website is a space to discover and celebrate independent creatives, and the work they do. It's also a space to share openly about what the freelance life looks like day-to-day - not just the seemingly glamorous parts, but the struggles that come along with being your own boss too.

Through the stories on this site, I hope you'll find reassurance that there's no pre-defined path to success in business, and inspired by the creatives who are doing things on their own terms.

I also create resources designed to support you on your journey of building a purposeful and profitable business, and share stories from my own freelance life

About me

My name’s Steph Welstead and I’m a freelance writer and digital editor, specialising in entrepreneurship, creative business and social innovation.

After working as a business journalist and editor for six years (for Growing Business magazine and Startups.co.uk), I now work with businesses and not-for-profit organisations to create digital content, strategies and experiences that are purposeful and impactful.

Having experienced the world of freelancing from both sides of the table (as an editor working with independent creatives, and as a freelance writer trying to earn my keep), I set up The Collative in April 2013 as a side project, to create a space to share stories, resources and inspiration for fellow freelancers in the creative industries.

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