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5 questions to help you define your USP

Last week I shared some thoughts on how to stand out in a crowded market, which I hope will help you come up with some useful ideas to differentiate your own creative business. If you haven’t got time to read the post in full, the most important points to take away are:

  • Your unique selling proposition (USP) is what sets you apart from the crowd – the reason why someone would buy from you over anyone else.
  • Having a quality product or service is fundamental – but this isn’t always enough to build a sustainable business. You need to give people a reason to buy from you specifically.
  • There are lots of compelling areas where small businesses can set themselves apart, whether by offering a more personal level of service, becoming the go-to person for a niche service or audience, creating quality content or offering an unrivalled level of customisation.
  • But don’t just do something different for the sake of it. The aim is to differentiate yourself by doing something that will attract and delight your ideal customers.

If you’re looking for a little more guidance on how to set your business apart, today I’m sharing five questions you can ask yourself to help you define a compelling USP. 

I’ve kept this list intentionally short. For those wishing to dig a little deeper, I previously shared 60 questions to help you build your best business, which offers a lot more to think about when building a strong, distinctive and resilient business. 

But I realise that, as a process, 60 questions might be a bit overwhelming. When it came to thinking about how to set this blog apart and a business model that would work for my strengths, experience and skills, the questions below are the ones I really focused on, and which provided the most useful answers:

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